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Kiwis come for the best mortgage deals and discover a path to a secure financial future.

More than mortgage brokers


In addition to getting the lending you need, we use a proven process to help you:

  • confidently move through the home buying process
  • protect your assets from life's unexpected events
  • pay off your mortgage faster than thought possible
  • learn how to use property to secure your future and leave a legacy 

Our timely and insightful advice around mortgages, financial coaching and insurance will help you find the path to a prosperous future for those you love.

Transform huge mortgage debt into cash for your dreams.

Whether it is your first home or investment property, you will always get the best interest rates and cash contributions for your financial goals with us. But you don't have to be stuck with $100,000s of mortgage debt for long.


Our financial coaching will teach you how to shave years off your mortgage and use the equity to make money. Use the influx of cash to finally start a business, give to a cause, retire a millionaire - achieve whichever dream is on your heart.

Steps to convert a mortgage into cash


Discover how to pay off a mortgage in under 10 years with our free online course.


Buying a home is the biggest purchase most Kiwis will ever have. The right advice and guidance can mean the difference of $100,000s.

  • Get the best interest rates, cash contribution and support throughout the home buying process.

  • $0 to get started promise - You see the value before we get paid. Since banks pay us a commission, most Kiwis pay nothing out of pocket for our mortgage services.

  • Make confident offers that you are more likely to win with a pre-approval.

How much can I borrow?

FREE guidance and support from experts:

  • Are you ready to buy now?
  • How much you can borrow
  • Best interest rates
  • Cash contribution
  • Which banks to apply to

How much can I borrow?

Find out what's the best deal for your financial goals.

  • Are you ready to buy now?
  • How much you can borrow
  • Best interest rates
  • Cash contribution
  • Which banks to apply to


Financial Coaching

Preparing to buy a house, creating a foundation of financial health and building wealth with property is what our financial coaching is all about.


Protect your family's financial future from the unexpected setbacks in life.

3 Strategies to Crush Your Short Term Debt FAST for FREE

Pay off your credit cards, personal loans, store cards, and car loans FAST.  

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